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Omnichannel Platform

Omnichannel Platform

We provide a “WASP in a box” turnkey solution for MNO’s that provides access to a fully managed service WASP Aggregation platform. We have had many years experience in providing white-labeled versions of our platform to some of our corporate customers who require their branding on portals, such as banks. In addition to that, the service covers all components of the value chain i.e. pre-sales with relevant documentation such as product brochures and proposals, customer management and support, incidents logging on the portal with stringent SLAs, procuring of additional services at a click of a button from the portal, contract management, services Ts and Cs with Opco legal team, custom service deployment e.g. custom reports, billing files ingestion into Opco system for customer invoicing, credit and vetting team processes including aging analysis and reporting.

The service encompasses an omnichannel layer that not only enables International messaging and corporate Instant Messaging capabilities but also provides one front end for customers to view all types of messages per network including international.

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